Cotton Waste

We believe on quality and satisfaction of client according to international Standard. Our most popular types are mentioned below:


  • Bleached Cotton Hosiery Cuttings (Clips) T 45
  • Bleached Cotton Hosiery Overlocks T 42
  • Un-Bleached Cotton Hosiery Cuttings (Clips) T 58
  • Un-Bleached Cotton woven Cuttings T 88
  • Cotton Hosiery Mixed Coloured Cuttings T 78
  • Cotton Hosiery Dark Coloured Mixed Cuttings (Black) T 76
  • Cotton Hosiery Light Coloured Mixed Cuttings T 75
  • Cotton Yarn Waste T 99
  • Yarn waste P. C Cotton Mix T 98
  • Bleached Cotton Cuttings Woven T 44
  • Un-Bleached Cotton P. C Mixed Cuttings T 87
  • Bleached Cotton & P. C Mixed Cuttings Woven T 44B
  • Cotton Meco Hale Bleached Hosiery Cuttings T 46B
  • Cotton Hosiery Dark Coloured Cuttings (Brown) T 77
  • Cotton Hosiery Dark Coloured Cuttings (Red) T 79
  • Cotton Hosiery Light Coloured Cuttings (Yellow) T 80
  • Cotton Comber (Noils) T 81
  • Cotton Comber (Shoddy) Bleached T 82
  • Cotton Comber (Shoddy) Un-Bleached T 83
  • 100% Cotton Waste Pneumafil T 84
  • 100% Cotton Waste Rovings T 85
  • 100% Cotton First Cut Linter T 101
  • 100% Cotton Second Cut Linter T 102
  • Polyester Waste All Qualities (Soft / Hard) T 110
  • Poly Cotton Yarn Waste T 111
  • Cotton Yarn & Poly Yarn Mixed Quality T 112
  • Cotton Willowed Droppings T 95
  • Cotton Waste (For Mushrooms Cultivation) T 115
  • Cotton Droppings (100% Carded) T 118
  • Cotton Droppings (100% Carded Fly) T 119

We are in a position to meet your requirements in all the qualities and varieties of waste, which are Mentioned above at rock-bottom competitive rates and reason able terms. If you are interested in the above, kindly let us know your requirements in your next mail. Our terms of business are C & F value in advance by a confirmed and irrevocable Letter of Credit Payable against shipping documents. On receipt of your detailed reply we shall be pleased to send you our samples and prices with out Delay. Awaiting the favor of your early good news and assuring you of our fullest co-operation at all times